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Monday, December 15, 2014

Custom Made Breastmilk Soap for bb's birthday party

A Gift Of Love

Thank you gifts ordered by a lovely mum for those who 
attended Baby Holiday's 1 year old birthday party.

Dear guests, you are so lucky!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Xtra Precious Handmade Soap- Aiways Open!


Sorry babes, lack of updates recently. 
Been busy with custom made soap orders, breastmilk soaps, bb's birthday party thank you gifts, Christmas soaps and etc! 
Keep busy~ keep busy hoorayyy!!~~
Any queries or orders please kindly email to findxtraprecious@yahoo.com
Xtra Precious Will Be Glad To Serve You^^

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Away notice. From 16/6-27/6. Orders and queries kindly email meee


Been busy completing some of the custom made breastmilk soap orders before my trip.

Soapies that I completed this week, babes you will be able to received it by mid July. 

Will continue rushing orders when I back,  so sorry for the delay babes. 

Orders and queries kindly email to findxtraprecious@yahoo.com

So sorry for the inconveniece caused.


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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy note. My handmade soap.

Realized that it's been long since my last update.

Been busy with some custom made orders, breastmilk soap orders then continue by wedding soap orders!!~~

Good to be busy busy bee~

Feel so happy receiving compliments from friends and customers who's skin been relieved from skin problems especially eczema, unknown rashes and even psoriasis skin after using my handmade soap!! 

Thank you so much everyone, 
am glad that my soap not only keep me away from eczema skin 
which I been suffer for more than 20 yrs, 
but also others.

* note: received another thank u message early in the morning. From a mummy thanking me that my soap soothe her 6 mths old bb's eczema n rashes. Before that they been visiting doctor and on medication for 2 weeks but it just doesnt help....
UNTIL she tried my soap. 
She see great results after 1 week weeeee so happy!!

If you been suffer from skin problems, and when medication doesnt help,
Why not try something that is FREE from 
 artificial colouring/ fragrance, 
animal fats,
petroleum products etc.

A big thank u again for your continous support!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Natural Handmade Soap For Your Loved One


Accept custom made orders for breast milk soap, wedding, full moon/ baby shower etc. 

Please kindly make order at least 45 days before as 
cold processed soaps need at least 35 days to be matured. 

Please kindly email to findxtraprecious@yahoo.com for more details. 

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lavender Marseille Oat is B.A.C.K

One of our best seller is back!!!

Lavender Marseille Oat

Previous batches all sold.

Received good reviews in 
soothing and healing eczema and psoriasis skin!

Are you suffering from skin itchiness, rashes, eczema or psoriasis?

A customer said he saw much difference 
after 2 bars of usage and he came back and order another 10 from me. 
He been suffering from psoriasis skin since young 
and been on medication for years which costs him thousand $$. 
But it just never seem better... until he tried Lavender Marseille oat!

RM8- 8.50 each 
(depends on weight)

Contains essential oil.
For all skin types except baby and pregnant mummy.

Accept custom made orders for wedding, party, events, baby shower/ full moon party, breast milk soap and etc. Kindly place order at least 45 days before as cold processed soaps need at least 35 days to get matured. 
Email to findxtraprecious@yahoo.com for more info.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Soaps and balms sold during CNY


Wrapped, Sold, Delivered!

Some of the soaps and balms sold during Chinese New Year!

Thank you for the lovely support!

Accept custom made orders for wedding, party, events, baby shower/ full moon party, breast milk soap and etc. Kindly place order at least 45 days before as cold processed soaps need at least 35 days to get matured. Email to findxtraprecious@yahoo.com for more info.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Dong Dong Qiang!!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Wish you all a

Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Year ahead!

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Xtra Precious Charcoal Lemon Mint Soap

Another creation with nice bamboo charcoal black swirl.

Revitalizing scent of lemongrass, lemon and peppermint essential oil. 

Best for combination/ oily/ acne/ itchy skin, 
and those who suffer from back acne problems.

Not suitable for those who are sensitive to essential oil. 

Anti bacteria, anti fungal, antiseptic, detoxify, promote healthy skin.

-Bamboo charcoal -
with great minerals, detoxify, control sebum and 
eliminate impurities from your skin to promote healthy skin.

-Grapeseed oil-
contains high level of Vit. E,
high antioxidant, moisturizing and mildly astringent which tightens and tone skin,
reduce sun damaging effects

-Blend of essential oil-
anti fungus, anti bacteria, anti viral,
anti inflammatory, antiseptic,
soothes acne, itchiness and aching muscles

RM11.30 x 1 piece
RM12.90 each- 3 pieces 
RM13.70 each- 4 pieces
RM14.50 each- 2 pieces

Accept custom made order for baby shower party, wedding, breast milk soap, door gifts for various functions and etc.
Custom made order to be received a least 40 days before as it needs at least 30 days to matured.

Please kindly email to findxtraprecious@yahoo.com


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