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Monday, January 13, 2014

Xtra Precious Charcoal Lemon Mint Soap

Another creation with nice bamboo charcoal black swirl.

Revitalizing scent of lemongrass, lemon and peppermint essential oil. 

Best for combination/ oily/ acne/ itchy skin, 
and those who suffer from back acne problems.

Not suitable for those who are sensitive to essential oil. 

Anti bacteria, anti fungal, antiseptic, detoxify, promote healthy skin.

-Bamboo charcoal -
with great minerals, detoxify, control sebum and 
eliminate impurities from your skin to promote healthy skin.

-Grapeseed oil-
contains high level of Vit. E,
high antioxidant, moisturizing and mildly astringent which tightens and tone skin,
reduce sun damaging effects

-Blend of essential oil-
anti fungus, anti bacteria, anti viral,
anti inflammatory, antiseptic,
soothes acne, itchiness and aching muscles

RM11.30 x 1 piece
RM12.90 each- 3 pieces 
RM13.70 each- 4 pieces
RM14.50 each- 2 pieces

Accept custom made order for baby shower party, wedding, breast milk soap, door gifts for various functions and etc.
Custom made order to be received a least 40 days before as it needs at least 30 days to matured.

Please kindly email to findxtraprecious@yahoo.com

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